Philips Simoco PRF10 Repeater

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PRF10 Repeater
PRF10 Repeater
PRF10 Repeater


Operation Full duplex, single frequency simplex, two frequency simplex.
Modulation Phase F3E
Frequency Bands  E0 66-88 MHz:
A9 148-174 MHz:
K1 174-208 MHz:
K8 225-235 MHz:
TM 400-440 MHz:
T4 425-450 MHz:
U0 440-470 MHz:
Switching Bandwidth Full Band – (Restricted only by Duplexer and/or Isolator use)
Number Of Channels 15 – Remote (Using M80 Signalling); 100 – Local
Channel Spacing 12.5, 20 or 25kHz
Temperature Range -30° C to +60° C (Operational); -40° C to +80° C (Storage)
Rf Connectors Antenna/Transmitter – N-Type; Receiver – N-Type
Line I/O Impedance 600Ω Balanced
Type Approval ETS300 086 Radio; ETS300 113 Data Signalling; ETS300 279 EMC; Compliant to Low Voltage Directive
Power Supply Input AC; 115V (+15%, -25%)
230V (+15%, -25%)
Input DC; 13.6V Nominal (10.8-15.6V)
27.2V Nominal (21.6–31.2V)
External Standby Battery; Typically 12V 24Ah
Frequency Stability VHF 2ppm or 5ppm,; UHF 2ppm
Signalling Option Channel Dependant CTCSS
Dimensions Standard Lid; 88mm(H) X 444mm(W) X 374mm(D)
Raised Lid; 134mm(H) X 444mm(W) X 374mm(D)



Input Impedance 50Ω Nominal
Sensitivity 0.35µVpd for 12dB SINAD; 0.50µVpd for 20dB Quieting
Adjacent Channel Selectivity >65dB (12.5kHz), >70dB (25kHz) CEPT
Intermodulation Attenuation 76dB CEPT TR24
Spurious Response >80dB VHF; >85dB UHF
Audio Response +1dB To –3dB of a 6dB per octave de-emphasis characteristic from 300Hz To 3kHz (2.5kHz for 12.5kHz channel spacing)
Hum And Noise 40dB (Psophometrically Weighted)
Squelch Range 12, 15, 18, 21 and 24dB SINAD, (Factory set to 12dB) Distortion – 600Ω Output <5% at 1kHz 60% Deviation Squelch Rise Time 50ms (for <5ms, visit our website – see below)
Line Output Level 4-Wire, -22dBm to +4dBm ; 2-Wire, -16dBm to 0dBm


Output Impedance 50Ω Nominal
Power Output VHF 1-25w, 55° C Continuous
UHF 1-15w, 55° C Continuous
1-25w, 55° C Continuous with fan tray
Deviation   ±2.5kHz For 12.5kHz Channel Spacing
±4.0kHz For 20kHz Channel Spacing
±5.0kHz For 25kHz Channel Spacing
Line Input Level 4-Wire, -37dBm to 0dBm ; 2-Wire, -16dBm To 0dBm
Modulation Distortion <5% at 1kHz with 60% Deviation
Modulation Response +1dB to –3dB of a 6dB per octave de-emphasis characteristic
from 300Hz to 3kHz (2.5kHz for 12.5kHz Channel Spacing)
Fm Noise >40dB
Reverse Intermodulation 10dB without isolator; 40dB with isolator
Conducted Spurious Emissions <0.25µW to 1gHz; <1µW to 2gHz
Transmitter Rise Time 50ms (for <5ms, visit our website – see below)
Duplexer Internally Fitted

We are able to program PDP 10 Repeaters with our data Programmer on site or at our office in Southport.

PDP 100 Data Programmer